Cleaning Carpets in Godalming and the Surrounding Area

When visiting our flooring showroom in Godalming, our friendly and professional team will help clients to choose from a range of carpets and flooring, including advice on how to keep them spotless. Whether you have chosen a cut pile carpet or Amtico flooring, there are many ways that you can preserve the original carpet shop quality.


To keep your carpets and flooring clean, look at what the experts at our carpet showroom recommend so that your floor stays looking as good as new.

Vacuuming and Regular Carpet Maintenance

If you have cut pile or twisted fabric carpets in your Godalming property, the best vacuum cleaner to use is an upright model with strong suction, revolving brush and beater bar. This effectively removes the dirt on the surface and between the underlying fibres. Alternatively, using the suction head of a cylinder vacuum cleaner will avoid snagging and any pulling against the fabric of loop pile carpets. The experts at our carpet shop and carpet showroom in Godalming will advise clients how to keep their carpets looking clean.

Cleaning Tips for Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are susceptible to daily spills so it’s best to attend to the stain immediately, otherwise it will be more difficult to remove once the muck has dried into the fibres.

• Protect your furniture by temporarily moving it or use sheets to cover any surfaces


• Blot the stained area with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge which isn’t dyed, otherwise it will bleed into the carpet


• Avoid wiping carpets as this will spread the stain further into the fibres

• Use a damp cloth or sponge if the stain is still visible and continue to blot


• Add a diluting, wool-safe cleaner to blot out stubborn stains, which won’t affect the fabric or colour of the carpet when applied


• Rinse the cloth or sponge to blot and absorb remnants of soap or cleaning fluid

For seasonal or heavy-duty stain removal solutions on larger areas of carpets, Godalming clients may require steam cleaning, shampooing or dry foam and powder cleaning services. Check with our team at the Godalming carpet shop and carpet showroom if you need any further assistance.

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring


If you have laminate or vinyl installations, such as Karndean or Amtico flooring, it is best to keep your floor clean and tidy with a soft broom. The flooring showroom professionals at Godalming Carpets & Flooring Ltd suggest the following techniques:


• Apply damp, warm water and soap to clean stains, however avoid using too much water and ensure the floor is dried afterwards


• Don’t use heavy duty cleaning techniques on laminate or vinyl floors, such as abrasive brushes (which can leave scratches) and ammonia-based products (which will wear away the finish)


• Check to make sure the cleaning solutions you use are wax-free, otherwise it can leave a waxy residue on vinyl surfaces, including Amtico flooring


• Polishes and sealants are an alternative to waxing and will help to maintain the shiny look of laminate and vinyl

Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Like laminate and Amtico vinyl flooring, harsh detergents and wax products shouldn’t be used on engineered hardwood. The flooring showroom professionals will advise Godalming clients how effective a brush can be to sweep up daily dirt and grit, in addition to using mats to reduce the build-up of outdoor debris.

For free advice and estimates on carpets or Amtico flooring fitted at your property in Godalming and the surrounding area, call 01483 416 969.

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